I wish I could lay it all down.

I wish I could just fit in.

I wish people wouldn’t say I try too hard. That’s the point isn’t it? To try your hardest?

I mean you can’t win.

You either don’t try enough. Or you try too hard.

What’s with the world?

What’s with the people in the world?

I just don’t feel like I’m enough.

I’ve got a million, million voices in my head telling me I am worthless.  I don’t need you to tell me that too. I don’t need you to point out my flaws because I do that already. 

I don’t understand. I mean, if they don’t like me, if they think I either try too hard or try too less, if they all think the same as I do about myself, then that’s it.

It’s the truth then isn’t it. If they say the same thing I say about myself, then it’s true.

I’m at a point of, being done.

There’s got to be a time when I am able to just …not think. Just to be able to sit and be at peace with myself.

There’s got to be.